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Men in Tutus presents Swan Lake
• 2nd June, 2013 at KL Live
• 4th - 9th June 2013 at PJ Live Arts
• 11th – 16th June, 2013 at Penang PAC
• 18th - 23rd June, 2013 at PJ Live Arts
Performed by Les Ballets Eloelle
Presented by Gardner & WIfe Theatre Produced by Natalie Chong
Les Ballets Eloelle's MEN IN TUTUS What was once Gardner & Wife's first ever ballet has become one of their most "when are they coming again" shows! Now back under the artistic guidance of the great Dying Swan, choreographer Victor Trevino, and with a brand-new name - Les Ballets Eloelle - they wowed audiences both in KL and Penang.
Brilliant dancers, beautiful choreography, stunning costumes” New York Observer
Men in Tutus - picWarped and wicked sense of humour” New Straits Times
Toe-taly funny, most hilarious” The Star

Arriving here from a six-month tour of Australia and New Zealand, Men In Tutus is an all-male comedy ballet troupe, one of only about three in the world. Funny? But make no mistake about it – these dancers can dance! They've performed with some of the world's most famous ballet companies including Russia's Bolshoi and Kirov Ballets, New York City Ballet, Paris Opera Ballet, American Ballet Theatre, the prestigious Royal Ballet, The National Ballet of Canada, The Royal Swedish Ballet, Berlin State Opera Ballet, English National Ballet, Royal Danish Ballet, Joffrey Ballet, Hong Kong Ballet, English National Ballet, Houston Ballet and Joffrey Ballet.

So what is Men In Tutus? It's a brilliant display of adroit classical technique, with tongue-in-Men in Tutus - piccheekhumour, intentional foibles, and dancing mishaps! Choreographed by Victor Travino, former Principal Dancer with Les Ballets Trockadero, and Artistic Director of Les Ballets Grandiva, the show ranges fro­m Le Grand Pas de Quatre, originally choreographed by Pugni, to Fokine's Dying Swan, to the show's tour de force finale, Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake – with a few other stops along the way! All in all, a great introduction to classical ballet by both informing and entertaining.
VICTOR TRAVINO - Artistic Director
Victor Trevino is the artistic director & founder of the ballet company, Les Ballets Eloelle. He was former director and founder of Les Ballets Grandiva and featured dancer of Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo, Ballet Eloelle features over 15 active ballets in the repertoire.
Men in Tutus - picMusic - Philip Carroll
Musical Direction - Philip Carroll, Tim Darling, Baris Ehran

Peter Anastos, Marcus Galante, Brian Reeder,
Victor Trevino, Matt Williams

Costume Designers
Jose Coronado, Tom Augustine, Kate Carroll, Steven Epstien, Christina Giannini, Oswaldo Muniz, Laurel Parrish, Christine Pascall, Clara Poteau, David Paulin, Thom J. Peterson, Katherine Shak, Marcus Galante
Men in Tutus - pic... love Grandiva's Men In Tutus even if you are not a ballet buff - New York Post

If you are a ballet aficionado with an open mind, you will be enthralled - L.A. Times

Brilliant! Brilliant! Brilliant! - New York Daily Times

Grandiva's Men In Tutus is sheer brilliant entertainment - Japan Times

This group is absolutely the best and most enjoyable I have seen - San Francisco Chronicle

Men in Tutus - picSome of the best male ballet dancers in the world, en pointe, sheer brilliance -
Bolshoi Ballet's Vladamir Moiseev

Resplendent in frilly white outfits and pointe shoes, the ballerinas of Grandiva execute the most demanding moves of their art with technical precision and amazing grace - Japan

With absolutely brilliant choreography, they make it possible ... to instinctively understand that they are hilariously mocking the poses and tableaus of the classic art form - Dance

Choreographer Trevino duplicates every impossible Bolshoi - inspired, upside down, hang by a toenail, wrap around the neck lift -

Grandiva's highly sophisticated mix of pure side splitting comedy, combined with a deep and
esoteric reference to both classical and modern ballet is stunning - London's Daily Mirror

... not a drag show, but a brilliant artistic & comical send up of the world of dance - USA Today

Just as Matthew Bourne did with "Swan Lake", attracting audiences with a bunch of masculine swans, Grandiva draws laughter with elaborate, exaggerated movements and a twist of the classical ballet formula - The Korea Times

Grandiva demonstrates essential dance qualities, a profound sense of rhythm, gorgeously shaped phrasing, palpable joy in motion and lion hearted courage in performance - all too rarely seen these days in the highest temples of art - Village Voice New York
Men in Tutus 2 In January 2010, Gardner & Wife took LES BALLET GRANDIVA: MEN IN TUTUS on a three week, three-country tour - to Dr. Sun Yat Sen Hall in Taipei, KLPAC in Malaysia and The Esplanade Theatre in Singapore. Where, this time under the guidance of their new Artistic Director, Brian Norris, they yet again performed to full houses and enthusiastic audiences.
Men in Tutus Gardner & Wife's first ever ballet LES BALLET GRANDIVA: MEN IN TUTUS proved again that genuine artistry mixed with comedy is irresistible! Generating standing ovations and encores the dancers performed five ballets in two acts, including the company's signature piece, the parody of Fokine's The Dying Swan. They return this January.

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