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Rock Capella by FORK
Played PJ Live Arts from 12th - 28th October 2012
Performed by Fork
Presented by Gardner & WIfe Theatre Produced by Natalie Chong
Fork's ROCKAPPELLA Fork's blockbusting show has been playing to sold out houses in Scandinavia, Russia, Edinburgh, the US - and rocked the house when they came to us! One of the very few shows finishing with a standing ovation EVERY night, Fork was supremely polished, royally confident, and very funny!
Esquire Malaysia
16/10/2012 Esquire Malaysia by Sam Coleman
It hardly seems a-cappella, but is and it rocks. Literally, it rocks hard and maybe that's why they bill themselves as a rockcappella group. Trust us on this one, it's truly not to be missed. + more

Stage KL17/10/2012 Stage KL by Dennis Lee
I was like "oh, I don't know about that. It is not easy to get Malaysian audience off their chairs let alone dancing in the theatre." But boy I was so wrong. Not only people were off their chairs, they were on their feet, hands in the air and dancing to the beats! The entire theatre turned into a party hall! + more

The Edge16/10/2012 The Edge by Elaine Lau
A winning combination of harmonious vocals, charismatic stage presence, energetic dance moves, and a dash of anecdotal humour. Mesmerising and entertaining from start to finish, Fork's sleek performance redefines the traditional notion of an a cappella show to make for a true audio-visual feast. + more

Vanity Shack17/10/2012 Vanity Shack by MG
I have a confession to make. When I went to PJLA last week, I had zero expectations and came out two hours later a huge fan of FORK. Judging from the standing ovation they received by the audience at the end of the night, I wouldn't be the only one. + more


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Fork A Capella     
SYNOPSISThe four singers in FORK all embody the stage presence of Rock Gods complete
with brilliant comedic timing and energetic choreography.
***** Vocal Australia

World class singing. Groundbreaking sounds. Comic talent.
Extravagant fashion. No instruments.

Don't miss it... **** Edinburgh Fringe Review

Flawless vocals, this daft show is by turns hilarious and breath-taking **** 3 Weeks

Think champagne shower and a million dollar lottery win. That’s FORK! No more no less! Their blockbusting show Pink Noise by FORK has been playing for sold out houses in Scandinavia and is now taking on the rest of the world. And the world is not enough! When the royally confident, humorous and ironic personalities of FORK enter the stage with their groundbreaking sound and comic talent, they redefine showbiz as we know it. This is a must see show!
CASTMia Hafren Mia Hafrén - The way little Mia Hafrén crawled on all fours as a child had already the people of her home town Loviisa holding their breath. Her movements had such a hypnotising rhythm that it was clear that there had to be a greater power behind them. In her professional life, Mia is a true Jane of all trades of the theatre, acting, writing and directing - in FORK she finally allowed herself to blossom in all her glory. Now she has everything a star needs: a magnificent voice and an incredibly willowy figure which she definitely isn't shy about using to her advantage. Mia's mesmerising dance moves are sure to knock out any man, or woman.
Anna AsuntaAnna Asunta - Fork's newest member, Anna Asunta, may be small in size but is on stage larger than life. This pocket-sized firecracker knows how to get the party started! Anna has known since day one that singing is her calling and started her path towards stardom by perfoming in the fields and forests of the beautiful town Saarijärvi where she would sing for anyone and anything that would listen. And boy, did they listen - and love it! Now as the lakes, trees and birds have changed into clubs, arenas and screaming fans this divine voiced woman stays true her own motto; People do what they CAN do, Anna does what she WANTS to do!
Jonte Ramsten Jonte Ramsten - This almost criminally handsome soundrel was born Jonte Ramsten in the beautiful and peaceful capital city of Finland, Helsinki. He graduated from the Theatre Academy in 1999, back when the animal raging inside him was still under control and could safely be unleashed in public. This is no longer the case. When he walkes across the stage he oozes pure masculine energy. That alone is all the choreography needed for an entire rock festival. It is nearly impossible to describe Jonte's performance - he is simply a phenomenon.
Kasper RamströmKasper Ramström - Little did skinny boy Kasper Ramström know about what was to come when he was still doing his duty in the Homicide Unit of the Helsinki City Police Force. His delicate top model like apperance made him the heart throb of all of Helsinki's finest, regardless of age and sex. No wonder the day came when Kasper could no longer hold it - his inner stage diva was born. Kasper sings low and sexy but he will reach incredible highs and levels of sexiness if only given the opportunity.
Grégory Maisse - They say that over the centuries the French have acquired an absolute sense of style and form. FORK's sound wizard Gregory Maisse can hear form, and with his impeccable sense of style he has created the individual FORK sound that thousands of imitators around the world have in vain tried to copy. The FORK sound is a registered trademark, a treasure guarded by The Greg. No matter what the space, The Greg will always create the perfect sound
Coming soon
Vocal Australia29/09/2011 Vocal Australia by Amelia Alder
Performing in outfits that are a cross between Eurovision and Lady Gaga, you know straight away that Fork is here to entertain! As consummate performers they’ve left no stone unturned to make sure their audience have that jaw-dropping ‘how did they do that?’ moment! + more

Fringe Review25/08/2011 Edinburgh Fringe 2011 by Alison Pollard-Mansergh
This is not just an experience of a musical performance, this includes theatre and comedy as well. Each of the performers not only sing, but perform as true rock/pop star characters throughout, including the height of rock/pop unique fashion costuming. + more

Herald Scotland17/08/2011 Herald Scotland by Rob Adams
Quite apart from recreating pop hits in every sonic detail with their mouth music, Fork could be
Finland's answer to Abba. Except, the blond flowing locks here belong to a bloke who does a mean line in knowingly preposterous posturing and his dark-haired partner is wearing a wig under which sits a dome that, he concedes, takes copious towelling. + more

A Capella News13/08/2011 A Cappella News
Clean and crisp, the tracks are terrific, leaving you wondering how it's possible to generate such a full, rounded sound without instruments. According to the Scandinavian stars, the answer is simple - a little electronic gimmickry and a lot of practice + more

Scotsman12/08/2011 Scotsmans by Fiona Shepherd
IT'S ALL gone a cappella in Edinburgh. FORK, a Finnish four-piece with definite Eurovision appeal, are already big stars throughout Scandinavia, where they are used to performing their fancy-pants Pink Noise show in arenas. + more

One 4 Review08/08/2011 one4review by Ben
Each year at the Fringe there are a few acts that aren’t generally well known at the start but, by word of mouth... they become the memorable acts of that year. I predict Finnish a cappella group FORK will come into this category. Actually, it is not such a difficult prediction to make when a music act receives a standing ovation after their second encore. + more

FEST06/08/2011 Fest by Marcus Kernohan
Not a show to be taken overly seriously. The new production from Finland's prodigious "rock a cappella" covers group is an orgy of sly-winking self-parody and a garish tribute to the spirit of glam – but despite its camp, or perhaps because of it, it's also immensely entertaining. + more

Hairline Fringe2011 Hairline Fringe by Benn Beaton
NGrabbing your attention with astounding showmanship FORK is a must see performance for any fan of pop or rock music. Best described as Madonna’s a cappella step kids, FORK are an amazing act, not just for their singing but for their adherence to all the tropes of pop music. + more

Informed Edinburgh2011 Informed Edinburgh by Alice Welby
...present us with a cappella renditions of our favourites - from Gaga to Coldplay... These are people who know how to make fun of themselves and who also certainly know how to sing ... the singing is spot on. Any show that received a standing ovation is definitely worth a look. + more

Broadway BabyReview on by Richard O'Brien
There's not a lot of pink in this show - the four Scandinavian singers who make up FORK spend most of it clad either in dazzling white or figure-hugging black leather - but there is a huge amount of noise. + more