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Played 21st - 31st July, 2011 at PJ Live Arts
Produced by
Chae Lian & Richard Harding Gardner
KIT MASSEY pictureFor four generations, a musical curse has afflicted the Massey family. At age 6, Kit finally succumbed when he was given his first violin, and quickly became addicted to the smell of rosin and prawn cocktail crisps. At Trinity College of Music, Kit discovered the dark arts of Jazz and beer, secret, furtive passions that remain with him to this day. He then embarked on a career encompassing many genre and climates. He has played Opera in Chile with the Sinfonia de Santiago, Gypsy ballads in France, Beethoven in the Goan jungle and gothic organ-jazz in Catford. TV work includes hand-doubling for Rupert Everett on the BBC, where he was asked to play “exquisitely badly”
Brooke was lucky enough to have been born on his birthday, in his hometown. Of course this all took place in Canada where his parents were living at the time. He studied music at the University of British Columbia and did his post graduate studies in England where he discovered joys of the battered sausage and zebra crossings. He has been playing freelance in London for over a year now and truly enjoys busking in the freezing rain of the winter months. Brooke is the newest member of the Pluck ensemble and he is very excited to be involved with some very funny people and some very excellent musicians.
FLORA ALLISON – Cello / Voice
FLORA ALLISON pictureFlora has been playing the cello since age 7 and has found many opportunities to entertain - the Floral Dance and morris dancing with paper napkins featuring highly in her repertoire. In 2006, she graduated The Guildhall School of Music and Drama. She has had a variety of experiences since, notably performing at the Montreaux Jazz Festival and featuring in a comic relief sketch on the BBC. Other than playing the cello, Flora has spent a lot of her life falling over, and at many times with her stylish green cello case on her back (some affectionately named her "turtle"). She is thrilled that performing with Pluck gives her the opportunity to embrace her love for performing music, being silly and falling over.
2010 CAST
Flora Allison - Cello / Voice
Jon Regan - Viola
Kit Massey - Violin
2004 & 2006 CAST
Sian Kadifachi - Cello / Voice
Jon Regan - Viola
Adrian Garratt - Violin
Production Manager - Bebe Chan
Lighting Operator - Ee Chee Wei
Sound Operator - John Siew

Production Manager - Syed Zalihafe
Lighting Operator - Ee Chee Wei
Sound Operator - Miko Thomas
Stage Manager - Bebe Chan
The Star10/10/2010 The Star by Amy De Kanter
...the violinist dove off the stage to steal my companion’s shoe... And that is the magic that is Pluck, the surprise, the sudden turn of events. With bizarre antics, the group startles its audience into surprised, appreciative laughter... + more

New Straits Times3/10/2010 The New Straits Times by Dennis Chua
...a new line-up and a raucous revamp of their original hit Musical Arson. Pluck, the hilariously incompetent musical pyromaniacs, will combine music, comedy and theatre as they weave havoc on popular music spanning the centuries in Musical Arson — Reignited... + more

The Star12/09/2004 The Star by Elizabeth Tai
one of the most enjoyable shows… Dripping with creativity and originality, PLUCK's performance is not to be missed + more
Played 6th October - 23rd October, 2010 at PJ Live Arts
Produced by
Gardner and Wife Theatre Company
PLUCK PLUCK'S Musical Arson is back! A sell-out success in 2004 & 2006, it is one of Gardner & Wife Theatre's most requested "please-bring-them-back" shows.The hilariously incompetent PLUCK are not so much a classical trio as a classical mistake! They compete, dance, fight, ridicule, argue, scheme and seduce their way from Bach to the Beatles. The trio play Brahms, Ravel and Vivaldi in a way that would have the composers laughing in their graves!
24th October - 12th November, 2006 in The Actors Studio @ Bangsar Shopping Centre
Directed by Cal McCrystal
Produced by Richard Harding Gardner
pluck: The Specialists The Specialists saw the return of UK string trio PLUCK back in Kuala Lumpur for a three-week engagement at The Actors Studio @ Bangsar Shopping Centre. Presented by Gulf Air, the award-winning Edinburgh Fringe favourites delighted old and new fans with their unique combination of classical music skills and contemporary comic talent.
Played 7th - 19th September, 2004 in The Actors Studio @ Bangsar Shopping Centre
Produced by Chae Lian & Richard Harding Gardner
PLUCK Coming directly from their third sell-out season at the 2004 Edinburgh Fringe Festival, PLUCK performed "Musical Arson" for two weeks to packed houses at The Actors Studio @ Bangsar Shopping Centre. Presented by Malaysia Airlines, this winner of the prestigious Tap Water Award at the 2003 Edinburgh Fringe Festival premiered as a charity performance for the National Cancer Society of Malaysia with the British High Commissioner as guest-of-honour.