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Played 6th October - 21st October 2010 at PJ Live Arts
Produced by
Gardner and Wife Theatre Company
pluck: The Specialists Pluck's Musical Arson is reignited back after selling to full house at the Actor's Studio Bangsar in 2004 and 2006 with Pluck Speacialist. The hilariously incompetent pluck are not so much a classical trio but as a classical mistake! Impossibly, they compete, argue, scheme, ridicule,dance,fight and seduce their way through Bach to Beatles. They play Brahms, Ravel and Vivaldi but in a way that they would have the composers laughing in their graves
24th October - 12th November, 2006 in The Actors Studio @ Bangsar Shopping Centre
Directed by Cal McCrystal
Produced by Richard Harding Gardner
pluck: The Specialists "The Specialists" saw the return of UK string trio PLUCK back in Kuala Lumpur for a three-week engagement at The Actors Studio @ Bangsar Shopping Centre. Presented by Gulf Air, the award-winning Edinburgh Fringe favourites delighted old and new fans with their unique combination of classical music skills and contemporary comic talent.
Played 7th - 19th September, 2004
Produced by Chae Lian & Richard Harding Gardner
Staged in The Actors Studio @ Bangsar Shopping Centre
PLUCK Coming directly from their third sell-out season at the 2004 Edinburgh Fringe Festival, PLUCK performed "Musical Arson" for two weeks to packed houses at The Actors Studio @ Bangsar Shopping Centre. Presented by Malaysia Airlines, this winner of the prestigious Tap Water Award at the 2003 Edinburgh Fringe Festival premiered as a charity performance for the National Cancer Society of Malaysia with the British High Commissioner as guest-of-honour.
Sian is pluck's smallest member but owns the largest instrument. Her cello is only half the story, though - Sian's other instrument is her amazing voice. After graduating with honours in both cello and jazz singing at the Guildhall School of Music, Sian's work has ranged from traditional classical gigs to playing and singing with jazz ensembles and pop bands. She also tutors adults at the East London Late Starters Orchestra (ELLSO). She has played at the Royal Albert Hall for the Proms, sung in the Jazz Café and Ronnie Scott's in London, is releasing an album in 2005 with the group Shrift, and has a beautiful surname that sounds rather like a sneeze.
Jon is pluck's viola player. He graduated with honours from Exeter University's music programme (where he developed an understanding of post tonal analysis and played the violin in drag!) and earned a Masters in Music from Trinity College London (during which time he served Angus Deayton asparagus at the Brit Awards). He now leads a double life as both player and conductor with the Dorking Philharmonia. Just in the last year, he appeared on a catwalk in Slovenia, entertained Steven Berkoff, and wore a wrestling mask in front of over 1,000 people. His other musical talents include being an excellent guiro player.
Adrian Garratt's career started in 1996, when his violin-playing led him into the world of busking. Since then, he has entertained crowds in 3 continents with his street-performing routines, and keeping up more traditional playing. He has worked with Yehudi Menuhin in the UK, Vladimir Ashkenazy in South Africa, and Rainer Hersch below a strip club in Soho. Rarely separated from his rucksack or his bike, 'regular income' is not part of Adrian's vocabulary. He is known to his friends as 'Liberty Man' because of his penchant for fine clothes.
Production Manager - Bebe Chan
Lighting Operator - Ee Chee Wei
Sound Operator - John Siew

Production Manager - Syed Zalihafe
Lighting Operator - Ee Chee Wei
Sound Operator - Miko Thomas
Stage Manager - Bebe Chan
The Star10/10/2010 The Star by Amy De Kanter
...the violinist dove off the stage to steal my companion’s shoe... And that is the magic that is Pluck, the surprise, the sudden turn of events. With bizarre antics, the group startles its audience into surprised, appreciative laughter... + more

New Straits Times3/10/2010 The New Straits Times by Dennis Chua
...a new line-up and a raucous revamp of their original hit Musical Arson. Pluck, the hilariously incompetent musical pyromaniacs, will combine music, comedy and theatre as they weave havoc on popular music spanning the centuries in Musical Arson — Reignited... + more

The Star12/09/2004 The Star by Elizabeth Tai
one of the most enjoyable shows… Dripping with creativity and originality, PLUCK's performance is not to be missed + more