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Wicked Wizards! Barry + Stuart, Part-Time Warlocks
Played 3rd - 15th March, 2009 in The Actors Studio @ Bangsar Shopping Centre
Performed by Part-time Warlocks, Barry & Stuart
Produced by Chae Lian & Richard Harding Gardner
Wicked Wizards! Barry + Stuart, Part-Time Warlocks Barry and Stuart's WICKED WIZARDS in their Asian premiere, wow-ed, perplexed, and offended our audiences in exactly the correct ratio as they performed wonderfully weird, dark magic, and collected a few thousand more fans! Check them out on YouTube if you want a taste - and convince friends they're psychic!
Wicked Wizards - picture
Cast Cast
Barry Wizard #1 Stuart Wizard #2
Barry and Stuart are two Scottish BAFTA-nominated comedy magicians. They regularly perform wonder-invoking, laughter-inducing, awe-inspiring magic. Stylistically dark and weird, these guys are creepy, cool, and funny.

After winning national ‘Young Magician of the Year’ competitions, the duo wrote and starred in their own television series, the award-nominated “Magick.” This ground-breaking series featured psycho-induced conjuring feats and continues to be shown all over the world.

Wicked Wizards - pictureIIn 2005, they hosted the BBC Channel 4 Friday night comedy series, “Dirty Tricks,” a live studio magic show in which Barry and Stuart presented the greatest and strangest acts from around the world and which was nominated for a Golden Rose at Montreux, Switzerland.

In their Christmas and Easter special, “The Magic of Jesus,” and “Tricks from the Bible,” the pair raised the dead, walked on water and even made a real honest-to-goodness virgin pregnant. These feats were so impressive they resulted in Barry and Stuart being nominated by BAFTA Scotland for an award in the category of Best Performance.

Their weird illusions have also earned them places in “The Twenty Sickest Tricks of All Time,” (Sky One) “The Top Fifty TV Moments,” (Five) and even a shameful place in the Off Com twenty most-complained-about programmes on television.

When performing live, Barry and Stuart present a mixture of jaw-dropping magic, head-warping feats and comedy sketches involving genuine members of the audience. More magical than Merlin himself, more laughter inducing than a bed full of extremely tickly feathers and more twisted that your twisty DNA structure, Barry and Stuart are dark, often bloody but above all very, very funny.
Ingenious and genuinely impressive... highly entertaining routine of quickfire magic and oddball comedy - Three Weeks

Hugely enjoyable, funny and engaging... This show deserves an award! - The Stage

Wicked Wizards cast pictureBarry and Stuart are pure Magic - The List

Dark Vaudeville fr the 21st century - Metro

Brilliant. Just brilliant, and so much more as well... witty, tight, slick, clever, fun, incredible, mind-boggling, skilful welcoming and did I say brilliant? - ABC Edinburgh

Subversive magicians Barry Jones and Stuart MacLeod boldly go where others fear to tread. Watch and marvel - Scotland on Sunday

Barry and Stuart work modern-day magic - Radio Times

Beneath the gore there are some genuinely remarkable tricks - The Sunday Telegraph

MacLeod and Jones’ approach to magic is refreshing… for those of you old or brave enough, its pure magic - The Big Issue