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Volcano Head - Dr Bunhead Returns!
Played 19th December, 2008- 4th January, 2009 at The Actors Studio @ Bangsar Shopping Centre
Directed by Richard Gardner Produced by Chae Lian
Volcano Head: Dr Bunhead Returns With support from Mox-Linde, the resident scientist of the UK Sky TV's "Brainiac" and "Blue Peter", returned to delight and terrify both children and adults with his combination of science & stage comedy with his new show VOLCANO HEAD: Dr BUNHEAD RETURNS. This time the emphasis was on rocket science which generated explosions and rocked the theatre!
Dr. Bunhead (aka Tom Pringle) has worked professionally as a freelance science communicator since 1996, developing and broadening both public understanding and enthusiasm for science, bringing it out of laboratories and into classrooms, theatres and TV. He has written and presented material for BBC, ITV, Discovery, Disney, New Zealand TV and a few more Dr Bunhead - picturenotwellenough known to impress anyone.

He writes and presents educational material, for primary through to post-grad level, for many organisations such as The British Council, Royal Institution, BBC and BP.

The Bun has delivered over 1,000 shows at more than 400 venues worldwide (UK, Brazil, New Zealand, Australia, America), with sell out performances at Edinburgh Festival Fringe, science festivals, arts festivals, theatres, arts centres, pubs... (you name it).

For older audiences he provides seminars in creative approaches to communicating complex ideas (not just science) in addition to In-Service training for teachers. He also does adults-only shows, like "The Filthiest Show on Earth" and "The Chemistry of Love & Lust" (extracts of which were shown on Discovery Channel's 'The Sex Files').

When he's not working too hard, he goes rock-climbing and cycling (but not at the same time). He likes milk but no sugar, and a couple of biscuits would be nice (preferably chocolate).
The Malay Mail18/10/2005 The Malay Mail by Amir Hafizi
…delighted the children… the flammables could satisfy even the most sadistic of pyromaniacs… highly entertaining and interesting… If only science was this interesting back in school… some of the biggest laughs came from the parents + more