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Gamarjobat - A Shut Up Comedy from Japan
WESTERN Played 30th September - 19th October, 2008
BOXER Played 3rd - 19th March, 2006; 30th January - 11th February, 2007
Performed by Ketch & Hiro-pon
Produced by Chae Lian & Richard Harding Gardner
Staged in The Actors Studio @ Bangsar Shopping Centre
Gamarjobat - RETURNS! On their third visit to Kuala Lumpur, GAMARJOBAT presented their new shows "Rock 'n Roll Penguin" and "Western" to both critical acclaim and box office success. The performances ran for three weeks at The Actors Studio @ Bangsar Shopping Centre and the mime duo's annual appearances have now led to a fast-growing fan base here in Malaysia.
Gamarjobat - RETURNS! Since their first visit to Kuala Lumpur, GAMARJOBAT became one of Gardner & Wife's most requested shows. Winning several new awards, including Best International Act 2006 at the Brighton Fringe Festival, GAMARJOBAT returned to Malaysia directly from another successful season at the World Buskers Festival in New Zealand. Ketch & Hiro-pon played to capacity audiences for their entire two-week run at The Actors Studio @ Bangsar Shopping Centre.
Gamarjobat Gardner & Wife's first show from Asia, GAMARJOBAT, created tremendous word-of-mouth excitement, playing to frequent standing ovations for over two-and-a-half weeks at The Actors Studio @ Bangsar Shopping Centre and proving why this "shut up comedy" won top comedy awards at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival two years running – Best Dubble Act 2004 and the Tap Water Award 2005. Sponsors included Japan Foundation Kuala Lumpur.
    Hiropon has a yellow mohawk
  • '92 started learning mime at Fuchu Mime Theatre Pierrot Kan
  • SHOW
  • '94-'95 Performed all over Japan as member of Mimewonderland
  • '94,'95,'96,'97,'98 solo stage performance
  • '95,'96,'97 Daidougei world cup in Shizouka
  • '98 Inchon International Clown Mime Festival (Korea)
  • '98 Youth culture and arts festival at Kyungsung Univ. (Korea)
  • '99 Polyphonic arts in Prague (Czech)
  • '99 Stralsunt International Mime Festival (Germany)

  • Ketch! is the one with a red mohawk
  • '90 started learning mime at Tokyo Mime Institute
  • '92 learnt juggling and clown skills in London
  • '93 started street performances in Tokyo
  • '95,'97,'98 solo stage performance
  • '98 Chunchon International Clown Mime Festival (Korea)
  • '98 Inchon Clown Mime Festival (Korea)
  • '99 Polyphonic arts in Prague (Czech)
  • '99 Stralsunt International Mime Festival (Germany)
  • '99 Daidougei world cup in Shizouka
Stage Manager - Tetsuya Okajima
Production Manager - Bebe Chan
Lighting Designer - Keiichi Koda
Lighting Operator - Ee Chee Wei
Sound Operator - Yuki Okubo
Wardrobe Mistress - Mari Kurumisawa
7/10/2008 The Star by Andrew Sia
...zanier show... belly-loads of laughter... superb comic timing that hits our funny bones right where it hurts. + more

New Straits Times4/10/2008 New Straits Times by Mark Lourdes
Manic, irreverent, bawdy and brilliant... brilliant fusion of slapstick, pantomime, drama and sitcom. + more

New Straits Times12/03/2006 New Sunday Times by Aref Omar
...gut-busting performance... wowed the audience... make sure you treat yourself... + more

The Malay Mail12/03/2006 The Malay Mail by Amir Hafizi
…delight to watch... storytelling genius… the two brought the house down… one of the funniest shows to have hit Malaysia in the past few years + more

The Star12/03/2006 The Star by Martin Vengadesan
…audience roaring with laughter… Malaysians are in for a real treat… very accessible… child-friendly… superbly paced… hilarious… Ketch demonstrates great skill not only as a humorist, but also as a professional performer… + more

New Straits Times09/03/2006 New Straits Times by Debra Chong
…incredible! …blood-racingly gorgeous! ...madcap world of mime as never seen before… uproarious guffawing… palm-burning applauding… performance was flawless… brilliant entertainment + more

"the most entertaining show I have seen in years! These guys rocked da house!"
- Harith Iskandar

"utterly delightful... inventive, witty, silly... too good to miss... you'll be grinning for days."
- Jit Murad