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Menopause the Musical
New Sunday Times
Ribald and raunchy sometimes, Menopause the Musical brings home the booty
By Subhadra Devan

The cast of Menopause the Musical delivered such a musical treat that even got us laid-back Malaysian on stage doing high-kicks.

Well, if truth must be told, we were typical Malaysians and we needed some – not much, mind you - urging by Michele Mais (playing a Power Woman), Christopher Callen (Soap Star), Jeannette Manor (Earth Mother) and Megan Cavanagh (Iowa Housewife).

The cast started out a little slow that Sunday evening in their tale of meeting and making friends at Bloomingdale's in New York. But, aided by Mais' Tina Turner-like vocals, it wasn't too long before some of the lyrics to the well-known songs of the 60s and 70s had us all tickled and giggly.

The four women went through 21 songs including Marvin Gaye's I Heard It Through The Grapevine (you're no longer 39) complete with dances.

Even the men, albeit a handful, in the audience simply burst out laughing at the hijinks on stage, be it about mood swings or sex drives. Although you can't openly buy a vibrator in Malaysia , you can relate to the notion.

Yes, it wasn't just us women enjoying a well-choreographed musical treat about The Change at Actors Studio in Bangsar Shopping Centre, presented by Gardner & Wife.

Menopause and it symptoms aren't as openly discussed here as in the West, so attending this production may help those going through such changes. You may have some symptoms and you'll learn about others. And find relief, which can be hilarious with this cast, in the fact that you're not alone in what you may be going through.

The musical stage offering is not a full-blown theatrical production, and some people may find the songs outdated.

But I can't help musing that Menopause the Musical has the capacity to become a full-blown production going the way of Mamma Mia! which is a musical stage show with a story revolving around ABBA songs.

Perhaps its writer and producer Jeanie Linders should consider a revamped version of her hit.

But she is right in saying: "No matter what religion, city they come from or language they speak, the audience laughs at the same place, all around the world."